Is Dedicated Server Hosted in European Countries Worth It?

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Dedicated hosting is the necessity for efficient management of websites today. It is the best option of servers currently, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction and operations of the websites. And it is capable of managing all types of websites with reliability and proficiency.

What are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is all about one computer in a network, which serves all the needs of the network. For instance, in some networks it becomes necessary that one particular computer is assigned to manage communications between the other computers. A dedicated server could also be a computer that controls printer resources. However, all servers are not dedicated servers. A dedicated server has a sole owner and it is not shared by any other individual or party, unlike other servers which can be shared.

The advantage of Dedicated Hosting over VPS:

The VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting may seem lucrative to many website hosts. The cheap installation costs, coupled with good protection against spying, malware, spam and so on, can make one choose VPS for his/her website. But VPS has a big disadvantage- it is a shared server, which means, you have limited bandwidth of customization scopes, and do not have the sole proprietorship of the server.

And this is where dediziertes (dedicated) server is different from, and superior to, the Virtual Private Servers. They not only provide optimum protection from virus and malware, spam and phishing, and promote web filtering, but also provide sole ownership to patrons. This allows all patrons to easily customize networks and websites as and when needed. Thus, according to server experts, if a decent server is your main requirement, then go for VPS.

Otherwise, there is no better alternative than dedicated servers. They can take up more money than VPS during installation, but is cheap when it’s about functioning and bandwidth costs compared to other servers. In fact nowadays, most people prefer dedicated servers to VPS owing to this difference. And due to the hosting promo clients tend to take up European dedicated servers today as well.

Optimum Performance of European Servers

Optimum Performance

Dedicated servers are famous today for their optimum performance and sole ownership facilities. However, among dedicated hosting of all places, the servers installed in European countries are comparatively affordable.

This is owing to their great reliable performance, flexibility and security that they provide to the websites they host. One can find two types of servers here. They are the metered and the unmetered servers:

• Metered dedicated servers provide the ultimate bandwidth for use, at really good rates. They ensure that all the prerequisites of the patrons of all types of websites are greatly managed and fulfilled.

• But, if you are unsure of the bandwidth consumption you need, then the unmetered dedicated servers are the best ones for you. As the name suggests, they provided unlimited bandwidth of use and do not charge anything extra for data transfer. Thus, you need not be worried about the money that will get wasted for the unconsumed bandwidths in case you install a dedicated server with more bandwidth than needed.

Features of European Dedicated Servers:

The dedicated servers hosted in Europe are becoming increasingly popular today, owing to their reliability, customization, cost-effectiveness and the unadulterated security that they provide. The following are the staple features of mot dedicated servers in Europe:

Discounts and Coupons: To reduce further costs of installation and functioning, European web hosting companies offer lucrative discounts for all types of servers. They also offer coupons for cheap server installation.

Reliable Backups: The dediziertes (dedicated) servers come with backup facilities. They are also provided with free NFS mount which can be used for critical backups, and they can be seamlessly expanded to up to 24TB.

Fibre Channeling: Every patron is provided with an option to add Fibre Channel HBA to their dedicated servers, allowing connectivity with other storage SAN or the patron’s own dedicated SAN. This feature is extremely powerful in cases where large storage is required.

Reliable Storage: Be it SAS or SSD storage, only the premium branded integrated had disks are used. Thus, no compromise can be expected from European server companies when it comes to reliability of storage capacity.

Fault-tolerant and highly computable: From every dedicated server of Europe, one can expect a continuously functioning, unstoppable, highly programmable dedicated server, with numerous advanced technologies. The best branded processors and hardware components are used, ensuring the above pros of all dedicated servers of Europe.

Mirrored memory: Many servers come with a mirror memory feature, which causes no memory failure in reality. Even if the memory fails, the server can withstand it owing to the memory mirroring technology.

Isolated networks: Most servers are separated from other product lines, offering completely individual network tuning facilities to the customer.

Round-the-clock assistance: Be sure of complete and quick assistance owing to the 24-hour failure management engineers’ teams available across all European server companies, in case of any hardware failure. They get replaced as soon as possible.

Advantages of having a Dedicated Server hosting for your website:

The Benefits of Choosing Dedicated Server

Websites deal with transactions which are carried out frequently, making dedicated servers so necessary today, so that uninterrupted hosting of the website is possible. The advantages of having a dedicated server for website hosting are:

Storage Space: Dedicated server hosting is almost mandatory for all businesses, especially the budding ones. With dedicated server hosting, you can avail huge amount of data transfer and also a reliable CPU with ample RAM storage. This huge storage space also gives you an opportunity for expanding your business, which requires website expansion too. And owing to this feature, the website operations will not get interrupted due to this expansion.

Uptime: A dedicated server can give you effective network connection without any outside interruption. Every website has a large number of traffic towards it, will cause the website to break down if not handled well. Thus, an efficient server uptime is always utmost necessary so that the traffic can be well managed and tracked. A dedicated server offers 99.9% of a server up time, making it one of the best options that can be used for the servers of websites.

Security: It provides unadulterated security for all websites, resulting in more power and control to the patron. With the help of these easily handled dedicated servers, your site can perform wonderfully, and can also have a highly appreciable capacity to store information. Websites also store various information which are secretive and should not get leaked, for instance a customer’s payment details for an e-commerce website. Thus, website security is and should be an important factor concerned for all website owners and users.

Budget friendly: Depending upon your business, you need to access many websites at once. This will cause consumption of server resources irrespective of the fact that the website traffic is going up or going down. Thus, a dedicated server is better compared to other hosting options because it proves cheaper in terms of functionality.


Thus, dedicated servers hosted in Europe are definitely worth it. Though the installation costs can be high, dedicated hosting proves to be cheap in the long run. And the investment behind dedicated servers are well-paid off by the premium customization and security that they provide the websites, which are so important for the well-being of the websites. And above all, the European dedicated servers, with their coupons and discounts make dedicated servers of Europe more lucrative than the dedicated servers of other places.

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